About Martha Taylor, founder of EquiDiscovery, LLC

Rev. Martha Taylor is an ordained United Methodist deacon. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communications and Marketing from the University of Central Arkansas and attended seminary at Memphis Evangelical Theological Seminary. She is a certified Christian communicator, a certified coach with the International Federation of Coaches, and a Level 1 E3A Facilitator. She is also a faculty member for Creating a Culture of Renewal, a ministry that accelerates church vitality and disrupts church decline by empowering church leaders–clergy and laity–to do the seemingly impossible with people who may not see eye to eye.

“I believe humans are hard-wired for hope. Hope that we can become our best selves. Hope that the work we do has a lasting positive impact on those we serve. Hope that our relationships are beneficial and healthy. Hope that we connect deeply with the world in which we live. My approach to life and leadership has taken me from a 20+ year career in healthcare marketing to communications and public relations, to ordination as a United Methodist clergy, and now to EquiDiscovery, a place where teams and individuals get the leg-up they need to communicate better, understand others, and accomplish great things that maximize their potential to do good in the world.

About EquiDiscovery

What makes EquiDiscovery different?

We utilize a number of tools to help you achieve your stated goals:

  • Experiential exercises with equine partners designed to reinforce learning and extend its impact long after the workshop.
  • Well-recognized assessment tools such as Everything DiSC®, StrengthsFinders®, positive intelligence and spiritual gifts inventories.
  • Coaching with certified coaches.

Why horses?

For centuries horses have carried humans farther and faster than they could travel alone. With horses as co-facilitators, you identify limiting beliefs, attitudes, perceptions or systems that are preventing you from being your best in your professional, personal or spiritual context. 

Partnering with horses offers:

  • The opportunity to participate in focused and reflective activities that challenge assumptions and perceptions.
  • Learning experiences that provide immediate, clear and honest feedback relevant to real time life issues and authentic work situations
  • The opportunity to clarify individual or corporate visions, expand ability to make decisions and follow through on a course of action.
  • New insights and new ways of interacting with others and ourselves. 

Let’s build a better world together.

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